Monday, October 5, 2015

Star Purse Pattern!

Star Purse Pattern!

 A friend of mine asked if I could make this little star purse for a Halloween costume. Her daughter is going to be Star Butterfly from Star vs the Forces of Evil. I am not familiar with that myself, but I do love this little star-shaped purse! And so does my daughter.

Star purse

F hook
Red Heart Super Saver in Bright Yellow
Small amount of black yarn for smile
White Felt
Yellow Felt
Black buttons for eyes

With yellow and F hook - do not join, work in continuous spirals (make 2)

Magic circle, six sc (5)
inc around (10)
sc, inc around (15)
sc2, inc around (20)
sc3, inc around (25)
sc4, inc around (30) (Your pentagon may start to cup, but don't worry, it flattens out as you add the star points and the felt backing.)
sc5, inc around (35)
sc6, inc around (40)
Do not finish off!

Making star points:
sc in next 8, turn
dec, sc in next 4, dec, turn (6)
sc across, turn (6)
dec, sc in next 2, dec, turn (4)
sc across, turn (4)
dec, dec, turn (2)
sc across (2)
dec, finish off

Join in the next sc of base and repeat for the other four star points.

Weave in all ends, and then sc all around the edges of the star.

Make your second star the same way.

Add the face features now, I cut circles of white felt to go behind the eyes, cut a slit in the middle of each circle, then sewed the button into the middle of the felt and to the star. Embroider a smile in black yarn.

Cut out yellow felt to fit inside your star. I used hot glue to tack it down, and then yellow thread to sew it on. Don't get too close to the edges or you won't be able to sew the stars together!

Using yellow yarn, chain until your strap is about 42 inches long (for a child) or longer for an adult.

Use yellow yarn to sew your two stars together, leaving the top open to use as a purse. While you are sewing, attach the straps to the tops of the star "arms" and weave in all ends.